Habitat loss and pecticide use has had an unwelcome impact on pollinators, with many species of bees, butterflies and moths now in decline. These insects play a crucial role in our food supply chain and estimates suggest that one out of every three mouthfuls of food relies on the service of pollinators. 

We are working in partnership with specialists to protect, enhance and develop pollinator habitats.  In the last year, 8 of our people have got involved in Land Trust projects at Brodsworth and Froyston.   With the help of Land Trust, we also developed our own pollinator area at our ABN site in Sherburn in 2017.

We are now working with Buglife, supporting their B-Lines programme, which is designed to restore and create a series of wildflower-rich, habitat stepping stones.  We are currently identifying suitable AB Agri sites where our people can volunteer to help establish wildflower spaces designed to link existing wildlife areas together, creating a network across the British landscape.