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AB Agri and Intralytix investigating use of bacteriophages as natural alternative to antibiotics for animal health applications

We have partnered with US biotechnology company Intralytix to explore the use of bacteriophages – the natural viruses of bacteria – in animal feed as an alternative to antibiotics and other drugs.

AB Neo launches first nutritional alternative to therapeutic zinc for pigs

Our neonate nutrition business, AB Neo, has introduced a new range of starter diets for piglets ahead of next June’s ban on therapeutic zinc in feed into the UK market via Primary Diets.

COP26 announcements on deforestation welcome, but reduction already underway

We welcome the announcement from COP26 that more than 100 countries have agreed to end and reverse deforestation by 2030. However, it has been disappointing to see farmers highlighted in the media as significant contributors to deforestation. Discussions in the press about the use of soya in animal feed assume most of it is sourced from deforested areas. That’s simply not the case.

Getting the right ingredients for a successful business – Clare’s story

Our nutritionists play a vital role in helping us meet the needs of our customers across the AB Agri family, so we thought it would be good to introduce some of them to you, starting with Clare McCafferty, an equine nutritionist at Premier Nutrition.

Supporting sustainable supply chains

The East African branch of Bolloré Transport & Logistics, which provides logistics and value-added warehousing services to manufacturers in the food and beverage industry, is joining the VIVE programme, designed to support companies in creating sustainable supply chains.

Ground-breaking exploration into producing single cell protein from CO2 and hydrogen

Our responsible proteins business, Livalta, aims to improve global food production. This means improving the performance of feed and food protein ingredients and finding more responsible ways to produce them.

Tackling food waste with some ‘exceedingly good’ feed ingredients

Food waste is a big issue in the UK and around the world, but ABN, one of our family of companies, is working with SugaRich, the UK leader in reprocessing surplus food products.

We support sustainable forestry, agriculture and commodity trade – and that’s a FACT!

As president of COP 26, the UK Government is convening a Government to Government (G2G) dialogue on Forest, Agriculture and Commodity Trade (the FACT Dialogue) to agree shared action to protect forests while promoting development and trade.

Trident Feeds wins innovation award for sustainable dairy cattle feed product

Many congratulations to our colleagues at Trident Feeds who have received a Royal Dairy Innovation Award for the high energy rumen-protected protein product NovaPro.