Food & nutrition

Seeking out the best nutritional solutions for animal welfare.

We believe in prioritising animal health, welfare and nutrition.  Animal health and welfare are inextricably linked and can be significantly influenced by excellent nutrition. 

When an animal’s health is improved, so is their welfare and their performance efficiency. 

Antimicrobial resistance is a key world health issue and our agricultural market place is making responsible choices, through legislation and good practise, to remove antibiotics and zinc oxide from animal feed. This potentially increases disease pressure and reduces the performance of the digestive tract. We are dedicated to innovative solutions to mitigate these challenges.

We have partnered with Ferryx, a spin-out company from the University of Bristol, who are developing a novel probiotic, specifically targeted to poor gut health scenarios in piglets and poultry. Animal trials are currently underway and looking positive.

Partnering with Canadian company Fermentrix, we are developing an NIR enabled service providing analysis of the quality of total mixed rations for dairy cattle. The goal for the customer is to have a better selection of ingredients, for fewer digestive issues, avoidance of health issues, and resulting improvements in reproduction and milk production.