Purchase to Pay (P2P)

For prospective and current suppliers, AB Agri is in the process of transitioning to a new purchase-to- pay system.

Purchase-to-pay is an integrated system that fully automates the goods and services purchasing process. The system manages all aspects of the purchase requisition from the purchase of goods or services to customers’ payments of the vendor. The process will streamline our process for both AB Agri and its suppliers.

What is the new purchase-to-pay process?

The purchase-to-pay system is a cloud-based purchasing and payment tool that will make it simpler for suppliers to work with AB Agri. This new way of working will facilitate all purchase orders, invoices, and communications.

What are the advantages of using the new portal?

  • No software or hardware to download
  • Easily accessible via your email or internet browser
  • Self-serve tool for suppliers provided – easily update profiles and contact information
  • Easy-to-use – receive all purchase orders and track payment status in real time
  • Decreased paperwork – no longer need to print, mail or fax invoices
  • One stop shop – easily create and submit invoices online
  • Greater visibility across the PO, invoicing, and billing/payment process.

When will I transition to the new purchase-to-pay system?

Our rollout will take a phased approach, starting in the UK in Q2 2021. Our supplier enablement team will be in contact to provide all the necessary information that suppliers need and to start the transition process several months before any change is made. The rollout will be phased across AB Agri business units, so it is possible that if you supply multiple businesses, you will be asked to transition at a different rate. After the UK rollout it is anticipated that the system will then be rolled out across our remaining global businesses from 2022 onwards.