Consumption & emissions

Taking positive action to reduce environmental impact and reduce emissions.

We believe in a sustainable, net zero agricultural industry. For us this means helping our customers reduce the environmental impact of food production, supporting this through the products and services we provide, and by achieving net zero in our own business operations.

Consumers need better information about the emissions impact of the food they buy. For our industry this means being consistent in how we measure emissions and transparent throughout our entire supply chain. 

We are a member of the Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI) and helped to build the Global Feed Database, which can be used to evaluate the environmental impact of feed produced around the world. We are using this database to assess and formulate our products, and as part of our membership we will work across our industry to encourage consistency and transparency in how this data is generated and used.

One example of the work we are doing in this area is our emissions reporting service, which is a partnership between our AB Vista and Intellync businesses, to help our customers gain robust insight into their carbon emissions, enabling more responsible decisions and reduction in their impact.

Our Intellync Sustain business also developed the world’s first on farm carbon footprint assessment tool, delivering data insights to inform improvement strategies. We have completed thousands of farm-level carbon footprints and currently support a range of retailers and food processors in their efforts to reduce scope 3 emissions. 

Within our business we have mapped out our scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions and have identified energy, transport and packaging as our priority focus areas. Our scope 3 emissions will be prioritised to address measures that are most relevant to our customers first, for example: emissions associated with third-party transport and raw materials.