On farm safety is one of our biggest areas of concern; staff working on farm are significantly more likely to suffer an injury than those working in our manufacturing plants. 

Our delivery drivers visit thousands of farms each year. To keep them safe we need to continually ensure that they fully understand the hazards they may be exposed to on farm and how to avoid them.  To help achieve this we have developed  our own on farm safety training programme for our drivers, which can be delivered as part of their CPD training.  In addition, we have designed a programme for sales staff and advisors working on farm, to not only enable them to work safely but provide them with information to engage with our customers and help raise the standard of safety in the wider agricultural industry.

We are currently developing a bespoke on-farm training programme for our Commercial and Technical teams.  This will ensure our people fully understand the risks associated with working in agriculture and livestock.  It is also an opportunity for us to share this knowledge with our customers, helping to deliver improved safety in the wider agriculture industry.

We continue to work with our trade association (AIC) and the Farm Safety Partnership (an umbrella body covering the whole agricultural industry),  to help drive improvements in safety in the wider industry.  We have also sponsored and promoted farm safety days in conjunction with AIC and IOSH.