To respond to increased customer demand and expand our production, we have moved one of our Premier Nutrition animal feed factories to a new state-of-the-art facility at Fradley Park, in Staffordshire. 

Our new factory opened in July 2018 and incorporates the latest technology and industrial design to maximise product and operator safety. It is Premier Nutrition's most automated factory, with a production line that is system-driven rather than people-driven, reducing the need for manual handling at every stage. We have clearly defined pedestrian walkways, a pedestrian free delivery yard and an advanced dust extraction system to manage dust control.

Product safety has always been paramount to our success so we have built this new factory to food industry standards. This includes: separating dirty and clean changing areas; installing a full kitchen/eating area; and the use of personal protective equipment storage facilities. Throughout the production process, product safety is strictly monitored with seamless traceability using barcode technology from the arrival of raw materials to product dispatch.

Our new operation supports our commitment to increase sustainability at all levels – from the ethical sourcing of raw materials to employment conditions, and from minimising energy usage to reducing plastics in packaging.