We support many agricultural businesses to improve their social and environmental profiles, which typically leads to economic benefits too.

Our VIVE Sustainable Supply Programme has been specifically designed for businesses that want to do more than just to tick a box for sustainability. The programme encompasses sugar producers through to industrial end-users, and comprehensively covers the key sustainability aspects relating to People, Planet and Profit.

VIVE is a continuous improvement programme that is tailored to our clients' requirements. It allows producers to make incremental changes to their activities, and to track and share their progress with their customers. It also supports them to ask the right questions of their direct suppliers.
VIVE is underpinned by software that allows sugar producers to complete a full sustainability assessment of their production facilities, supply base and the supporting supply chain. 

VIVE has been designed to measure every aspect of the entire supply chain to identify best practice and highlight any gaps, so that areas for improvement can be acknowledged. One such customer is The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) which now recognises VIVE as a route for sugar producers to help it meet its 2020 goal of sustainably sourcing key agricultural ingredients such as sugar. 

The VIVE programme is currently being used with sugar producers all around the world, including Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Middle East.