At AB Agri, we take feed safety very seriously and operate to core principles globally. We treat animal feed with the same concern for hygiene and safety as we would food for human consumption. That is, after all, what the animal products become.

We want to give our customers every assurance that the product they buy from us is as safe as possible and are constantly looking for ways to de-risk our supply chain and our own sites. This includes having appropriate measures, whatever the geography, that enable a rigorous process to monitor our suppliers.

We source ingredients  for our feed products from over 600 suppliers and it is essential that we make sure that every one of them is providing consistently safe inputs. To do this, we implemented Authenticate, a sophisticated web platform which enables us to track which feed assurance schemes each of our suppliers complies with. If a supplier fails to renew its certification to the assurance schemes, we are alerted, enabling us to take appropriate action. In addition, to increase the transparency of our supply chain, we are now actively encouraging our suppliers to join the Authenticate platform, enabling us to obtain country of origin knowledge for the 4000-plus products that we source from those suppliers.