Across AB Agri we play a key role in helping to produce safe, affordable, nutritious food.

Our history tells us that delivering assured safe feed and food requires businesses such as ours to constantly challenge our thinking and re-evaluate what we are doing. We must continue to find new insights and new processes and not just rely on existing legislation and accepted minimum standards of feed safety assurance.

As a result, we have created a cross divisional leadership group: the ‘Formula 24 Feed Safety Group’, tasked with sharing knowledge and moving all of our businesses onto the next level, both in the UK and overseas. We are committed to finding ways to build ever greater assurance for our customers and consumers. Our approach is to benchmark the management and monitoring of our supply chains, our activities in our sites and stores and how our current systems and procedures operate to de-risk our products.

Across the AB Agri Network we currently accept 27 different assurance schemes for the ever increasing number of products that we purchase and trade, currently in excess of 3000. All AB Agri manufactured products are assured under UFAS (Universal Feed Assurance Scheme).

Working with customers, supply chains and trade assurance schemes, we seek to build and extend our knowledge and capability to better anticipate and plan for new and ever emerging areas of risk. This is recognised externally so our people are sought to be active members of and participate in key think tank bodies.

One of these is the Food Standards Agency Advisory Committee on Animal Feedingstuffs advising the UK Government on feed safety.