Premier Nutrition

Our specialist premix and expert nutrition business.

Premier Nutrition is a specialist premix manufacturing business that is driven by nutrition expertise and science.

It supplies the pig, poultry, ruminant, pet, equine and aqua sectors globally. Working in partnership with customers to offer safe, accurate and cost-effective micronutrient solutions, together with expertise in nutrition, feed formulation, quality control, and husbandry and management. 

Premier Nutrition is proud to own the newest, most high-tech premix facility in the world. The Fradley Park factory was commissioned in 2018, bringing the integrity of food industry thinking into premix manufacture and setting global standards in terms of quality, traceability, security and protocols. 

Altogether, Premier Nutrition has three manufacturing facilities; one for non-medicated production only, one suitable for production of medicated and non-medicated premix, and one specialist non-medicated factory that is geared to provide multiple packing options for retail-ready supplements, predominately for the equine and pet sectors. 

All of its facilities use tumblemix technology for increased control of cross-contamination, offering customers complete peace of mind.  

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