Making the link between between people, data and technology in agriculture.

Intellync is AB Agri’s data and technology division.

Its vision is to bridge the gap between people, data and technology in agriculture. It currently works with a range of retailers, food processors and directly with farmers, using a suite of commercial solutions that span the value chain. These include:

  • Insights – providing actionable data that translates into more effective decision making. 
  • Productivity – saving time, money and resources to improve operations. 
  • Health – promoting animal welfare and preventing disease. 
  • Assurance – minimising risk and enhancing responsible supply chain activities. 
  • Sustainability – measuring and delivering positive impact across environmental, social and governance programmes. 
  • Innovation – leading technology and digital solutions focused on action and impact.

Intellync believes there is a significant opportunity to leverage the growing accessibility of data and technology in agriculture to support agri-food production in a way that benefits everyone along the value chain.

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Josh Hoopes - Managing Director, Intellync

Josh re-joined AB Agri in 2018 after five years at our sister company AB Sugar where he held a number of general management and commercial positions in bioethanol, seed technology and horticulture. 

While leading the transformation of British Sugar’s horticulture business he became a keen advocate of using data and technology to drive agricultural productivity forward. 

Josh holds a BSc in Finance from the University of Utah and an MBA from Manchester Business School which led to his early career experience with Deloitte, AB Agri and Walgreens Boots Alliance.

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