AB Neo

Our new international neonatal specialist business, bringing together wide expertise.

The newly-formed AB Agri neonatal business brings together three of our international companies - Primary Diets, ASN and Agilia - into a single aligned business.

With factories in four countries (UK, Poland, Spain and Denmark) the business aims to become an international leader in targeted markets in the nutrition for young farmed animals. The current portfolio consists of milk replacers, starter feeds, specialist raw materials, starter feed concentrates and feed additives. It is currently predominantly pig focused.

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Ian Wellock - Managing Director, AB Neo

After 12 years in academia in Scotland, first studying and then as a research scientist, Ian made the move into the commercial world of nutrition when he joined ABN as a pig nutritionist in 2007. Two years later he moved across to Primary Diets to focus on piglet nutrition. He became General Manager Primary Diets in 2015 before taking up the opportunity to lead the newly-created AB Neo division in 2020. 

In his current role, Ian is building on the strong foundations of Agilia (Denmark), ASN (Spain) and Primary Diets (Poland and UK), to meet the nutrition needs of young farmed animals. 

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