Why predict when you can measure?

What is Dynametrix

Dynametrix is a new, dynamic and unique analytical service, that uses the latest NIR technology, AI modelling and fermentation understanding to predict the digestive characteristics of feed within the rumen.

Dynametrix provides significant benefits over current prediction models. Today, most prediction models don’t take into account feed ingredient interaction with rumen fermentation. Our system allows you to optimise ration performance with actual feed performance data – creating a cow-specific/herd-specific output. 

It works by predicting the rate, extent, and quantity of gas production, which gives dairy nutritionists actionable insight in diagnosing ration under-performance on-farm. Dynametrix can be used on samples of TMR and corn silage, on-farm and gives near-immediate results. 

The story of Dynametrix

Dynametrix is the result of a collaboration between AB Agri and Fermentrics™ but who are we and how did it happen?

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Features of Dynametrix

Advances in technology has led to the development of this unique sample and scan system using NIR technologies and machine learning. Dynametrix provides live reports of these digestion metrics in a concise, visual format, direct to your phone or tablet (gas curves). Dynametrix reduces reporting time to mere seconds. No more sending samples to labs. The reports provide farmers and nutritionists with directional advice on ration changes that are likely to lead to improvements in milk yield and performance. This information is also a potentially powerful tool for making comparisons between rations with different compositions, including incorporation of feed additives.

Dynametrix in action

Find out how Dynametrix has been helping, one customer with his herd of 220 dairy cows in Quebec, Canada.

Find out more about installing, scanning and interpreting Dynametrix reports

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