World Wellbeing Week - Highlighting the need to support Women’s Reproductive Health

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As we celebrate World Wellbeing Week 2023 it’s a great opportunity to highlight the importance of good reproductive health. At AB Agri we’re proud to say we have policies and help available to embed workplace support to women throughout their reproductive life.

Studies suggest 87% of those who menstruate experience stress or anxiety in the workplace because of their period, and 33% feel it is unprofessional to mention their menstrual health to their employer. 

When it comes to menopause, 75% of those going through it experience symptoms, with as many as one in four experiencing serious symptoms. In this instance, research also shows the majority of those experiencing it are unwilling to discuss menopause-related health problems with their managers – or ask for support they might need.

It’s clear that supporting women’s reproductive health is key to keeping them well at work, enabling women to thrive in the workplace - and of course, this is also good for business. 

Since early 2022, we have been introducing initiatives that support those in AB Agri experiencing menopause - starting with our menopause policy, which was launched in response to a company survey conducted for World Menopause Day the year before. 

In July 2022, a menopause support group was launched, where women come together each month to share their experiences, as well as help and inspire one another. The group is keen to welcome men who are looking to support partners, colleagues and friends – as well as younger women who are wanting to learn more – a well-received partner session was held for World Menopause Day last October.

The group's most recent catch up saw them joined by Primark Lingerie Product Technologist, Dionne Flanagan, who brought along samples of Primark’s new base layer and nightwear range that can help manage hot flushes – one of the most common symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.

The work being done is not limited to this support group – AB Agri launched breathable PPE late last year, for those who need it to cope with menopausal symptoms. And across the world we have a company directive that sanitary products are provided – free of charge – in women’s bathrooms. 

Partnered with leading Menopause at Work specialist Henpicked, we offer an engaging and educational series of employee wellbeing webinars called ‘Let’s talk about menopause’.  Finally, we are currently rolling out menopause training to all people managers to raise awareness and understanding across the company.

Menopause can affect us all, whether we are experiencing it directly, or supporting a colleague, friend, or family member – that’s why at AB Agri we are proud of the support we have developed so far, and we will continue building on this in the future.