Trident MicroNutri joins Forage Technology to create biological farming model

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  • Trident MicroNutri partners with Forage Technology to create new biological farming model

Trident MicroNutri, an AB Agri company and, a leading feed additive distributor, has partnered with growing family business Forage Technology, to pioneer a new microbial farming model aimed at preserving and regenerating UK soils. 

This venture brings together the expertise and scalability of Trident MicroNutri, with the innovation and proven microbial solutions of Forage Technology, to address many of the most pressing challenges facing the agricultural industry today. 

The collaboration comes at a crucial time when soil health, Net Zero regulations, and sustainability are at the forefront of agricultural and government concerns. 

Trident MicroNutri, with its long-standing commitment to responsible agriculture, has recognised the potential of microbial solutions championed by Forage Technology. 

Biological farming represents a new approach to agriculture, focusing on building healthier and more resilient ecosystems that not only increase farm productivity but also mitigate environmental impacts. 

By combining Trident MicroNutri's industry expertise with Forage Technology's cutting-edge solutions, this partnership seeks to empower UK farmers to adopt biological practices and foster a more viable future for agriculture that prioritises soil health, biodiversity, animal nutrition, and long-term sustainability.

Speaking about the partnership, Marie Stephenson, head of feed additives at Trident MicroNutri, expressed enthusiasm for the potential impact on UK and global agriculture. 

"We believe that biological farming helps to deliver on the responsibility we all share in safeguarding the future of our planet, food chain, and farms,” she said. 

“Through this collaboration with Forage Technology, we are committed to providing farmers with the tools and knowledge they need to transition towards more responsible and resilient farming practices."

Théa Hanson-Orr, Operations Director of Forage Technology, echoed this sentiment, stating, “Forage Technology has always been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in biological farming; after all, nature has always had the answers. 

“This partnership with Trident MicroNutri signifies a major step towards making biological farming the new norm, ensuring a healthier, more prosperous future for farmers and the planet."

Key objectives of the partnership include:

  • Research and development of advanced microbial products tailored to UK soil conditions.
  • Field trials to evaluate the effectiveness of biological solutions in enhancing crop yield and soil health.
  • Providing UK farmers with access to innovative and sustainable soil and farm management practices.

Both Trident MicroNutri and Forage Technology share a deep commitment to protecting farms, animal health, sustainable agriculture, and environmental stewardship. This model and collaboration represents a significant step forward in their shared mission to address the challenges of modern agriculture, while preserving the land for future generations.