Tackling food waste with some ‘exceedingly good’ feed ingredients

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Food waste is a big issue in the UK and around the world, but ABN, one of our family of companies, is working with SugaRich, the UK leader in reprocessing surplus food products, to help improve the situation.

Together we have developed a ‘former foodstuff’ feed range created from excess material produced during the manufacture of cakes, biscuits, crisps, breakfast cereals and bread. This includes material that has been rejected and deemed unfit for human consumption at some of the UK’s largest food manufacturers and supermarkets, such as Mr Kipling, Kingsmill, Mars, Cadbury, Burton’s Biscuits (including Maryland Cookies and Jammie Dodgers) and Ryvita.

By working with SugaRich, these companies help avoid more than 400,000 tonnes of surplus food being wasted. Instead, it is turned into a high energy raw material ingredient for livestock feed each year.

The material undergoes a unique process to ensure that the valuable nutrients are retained within the feed. It is then ground and sieved to make a free-flowing meal, and the final product, which is between 10-15% oil, is distributed to ABN mills where it is included in our poultry and pig feeds and then delivered to ABN customers across the country.

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