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The East African branch of Bolloré Transport & Logistics, which provides logistics and value-added warehousing services to manufacturers in the food and beverage industry, is joining the VIVE programme, designed to support companies in creating sustainable supply chains.

Implemented by Intellync, the data and technology division of the AB Agri group, and Czarnikow, a commodity trading company, the VIVE programme enables the two businesses to carry out a sustainability audit, as well as build a three-year improvement plan for Bolloré Transport & Logistics.

“We’re proud to support Bolloré Transport & Logistics with our blockchain module, developed to ensure transparency of goods moving through the supply chain,” says Will Rook, VIVE programme manager.

By marrying over 20 years of sustainability expertise from Intellync with trade and supply chain proficiency from Czarnikow, the programme is able to focus on continuous improvement to make supply chain more efficient and sustainable.

Aiming for eco-responsible transport and storage of goods, Bolloré Transport & Logistics has made its participation in VIVE part of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy to address the environmental, social and governance challenges of its operations in Africa.