Formula 24

How AB Agri is changing agriculture for the better.

AB Agri started out in 1984, taking the leftover pulp from the sugar making process and using it to feed cattle: a nutritious, cost effective and safe diet. We have evolved in the intervening 30 years but our commitment to changing agriculture for the better has only ever deepened during this time.

Our recipe for responsible agriculture

Formula 24 is our ‘recipe’ for responsible agriculture. It is through this framework, based around three focus areas, that we can make the biggest positive difference to the agri-food industry.


Our recipe for responsible agriculture

We are focusing on

  • More from less

    Producing more food from fewer resources

  • In our nature

    Safeguarding the natural resources needed for food production

  • Side by side

    Working side by side with colleagues and communities

Our aspirations by 2024

Underneath these three 'pillars' sit our 'aspirations'; six responsible business goals for 2024

  • Customers are 24% more efficient

  • We’re leading on feed safety

  • Our footprint is 20% lower

  • We source responsibly

  • We’re good for people

  • Agriculture is a first choice career


All activity around our recipe for responsible agriculture is steered and overseen by our Formula 24 Board. Chaired by an AB Agri Board Director the Board consists of influential people from across AB Agri who represent every business area and support function within the group. Its role is to develop a consistent and relevant shared approach to corporate responsibility.

Established to develop a consistent and relevant shared approach to corporate responsibility, the group now focuses on steering progress against the six key aspirations. These link into other AB Agri group wide initiatives and are focused on identifying new priorities and generating ideas as well as into divisional customer and employee priorities to create value and operate ever more responsibly.

The Board meets regularly (every 6 – 8 weeks) and is organised and led by the Director of Sustainability who reports into the AB Agri CEO.

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