Five star for the best performance worldwide

Over thirty years ago NAF launched the first nutraceutical for horses into the UK market, and have continued to lead the way in developing effective products ever since.

Using proven ingredients found in nature and creating unique effective formulations, NAF prides itself on unparalleled commitment to quality and clean sport. The business has a dedicated team focused on not just meeting industry expectations, but exceeding them.

NAF uses the best natural ingredients, which are fully traceable and are combined to create unique formulas by a team of veterinarian scientists, under the direction of Dr Nicholas Larkins BVSc DSc MRCVS, nutritionists, managed by the widely published Kate Hore RNutr(Animal) and chemists, including specialised formulation chemist Adam Lewandowski. The result is an extensive range of effective products from joints, breathing, hooves, digestion, gut health and calming supplements to silky mane and tail detanglers, super shampoos and luxury leather care, all of which are designed to offer something for your horse's every need.

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