Germains Seed Technology

We maximise nature’s potential

Germains Seed Technology has been serving the agriculture industry for over 150 years.

 Germains has sales offices and research facilities in North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe. The business is committed to delivering industry-leading innovative conventional and organic seed technologies for sugar beet, vegetable, and field crops globally for seed producers, dealers, and growers.

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Victoria Lawrence Managing Director, Germains Seed Technology

In January 2012 Victoria joined AB Agri as Strategy Manager, after several years working for the Boston Consulting Group in London and South East Asia, and at Lloyds TSB in the UK and New York. She then took on the management of Aunir, one of our technology businesses, before joining the AB Agri board as Director of Strategy and Business Development.

In 2018 she joined our sister division, AB Sugar, to take on a new role as Managing Director of Germains Seed Technology, a global R&D-led business which develops innovative, sustainable seed technology solutions for growers across the world. She continues in the same role now that Germains has transferred into AB Agri.

She holds a degree in Literae Humaniores from Oxford University, and an MBA from INSEAD, which she completed in Singapore.