Optipartum-C+ helps Modern Dairy achieve record results in China

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  • Optipartum-C+ helps Modern Dairy achieve record results in China

A three-month trial of our ruminant performance product Optipartum-C+ in China has exceeded all expectations by improving strong milk yields even further.   

Long-standing AB Agri China customer Modern Dairy, owner of the world’s largest dairy herd, found that 5,000 cows already yielding more than 40 litres on average, produced an additional 1.7 litres in 45 days when fed Optipartum-C+.

The trial, which followed a rigorous five-year registration process, opens up exciting new opportunities for our business in Asia, led by Bin Yao, General Manager of AB Agri China. 

AB Vista’s Ruminant Global Commercial Director, Ben Helm, says: “We are really delighted with the results that have been achieved, and excited about the potential this product has in the world’s largest dairy market.”

He adds: “Getting to this stage has not been without its challenges because of the pandemic, and it is a credit to the belief, focus and can-do attitudes of our teams in China, Czechia and the UK that together we have achieved this milestone.” 

Optipartum-C+, an AB Vista product, is a unique feed ingredient developed to enable cows to gain more energy from higher-starch total mixed rations and produce more milk. 

It is already popular in countries where dairy cows are routinely fed maize – which has a high starch content – such as Czechia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia and Lithuania. 

It was officially registered in China in February 2021 and will soon be available in Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Japan and the US.