Livalta™ is now certified under the GMP+ FSA scheme

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As a business committed to feed safety, we are delighted to share that Livalta, our business for responsible proteins, is now certified under the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance Scheme to trade their flagship product, Livalta™Cell HY40.

 LivaltaCell HY40 is a responsibly sourced, circular co-product made from carefully selected, Non-GM Saccharomyces cervices strains from the Brazilian bioethanol industry. It is a yeast feed ingredient that effectively combines high value protein and a high yeast cell wall content, providing the perfect synergy of nutritional and functional benefits supporting the healthy development and wellbeing of animals.

 Managing Director of Livalta, Valerie Schuster, says: “Across Livalta and all AB Agri teams, our focus is on making food systems more responsible while providing high quality, safe and affordable food and feed. This certification underlines our commitment to high standards and transparency, and is an important assurance for our customers and the entire supply chain.”