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With restrictions lifting across the UK in the coming weeks, we'll hope to be seeing a return to face to face events, such as the British Pig & Poultry Fair, which normally has 10,000 visitors. The event is scheduled to be face to face once again in May 2022.

The industry will probably continue with virtual or hybrid events for some time yet, as they’ve proved to be very successful over the past year or so. For instance, at the online version of the Pig & Poultry Fair, 350 people attended our virtual technical session, where colleagues from the AB Agri family led debates on the future of the sector and how we can all play our part in sustainability and responsibility. 

However, we’re certainly looking forward to more one-on-one discussions and the ability to share innovative ideas when we can meet customers face to face. 

We understand that achieving sustainability in agriculture will not be an easy task, but if we want to meet net zero by 2040, it’s important that we all work together, listen and align our goals – and events like these are the ideal place to do that.