Getting the right ingredients for a successful business – Clare’s story

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Our nutritionists play a vital role in helping us meet the needs of our customers across the AB Agri family, so we thought it would be good to introduce some of them to you, starting with Clare McCafferty, an equine nutritionist at Premier Nutrition.

Clare has been a ‘horsey’ girl her whole life. She started riding at the age of four and then went on to spend as much time helping out at the stables as she could. As a child she wanted to be either a mounted policewoman or a vet, but claims she wasn’t fit enough for one or smart enough for the other (we disagree!).

Clare studied applied animal science at university and worked on a dairy farm to get on-farm experience. She recommends anyone interested in working in animal nutrition starts with a multi-species background.

She joined Premier Nutrition as a support nutritionist, working across species, which she found invaluable for gaining perspective and an understanding of wider nutritional issues. She says her multispecies knowledge often helps her with problem solving in her current role.

Clare moved 300 miles to work at Rugeley (Premier Nutrition’s site in central England) and says it’s the best thing she has ever done.

In her first interview she expressed her desire to work in equine nutrition and five years later she made that move.

Clare says: “I’m lucky to work for Ruth Bishop, Senior Equine Nutritionist, who is hugely well-known and respected and has helped boost equine sales at Premier Nutrition. She took me under her wing and together we manage the equine accounts which are very diverse. We are always kept busy.”

She adds that: “Premier Nutrition has been very supportive, for example enabling me to take a course so I can prescribe some animal medicines including anthelmintics (wormers). I’ve also done a range of short courses and I am currently part of the AB Agri mentoring scheme, which is widening my knowledge of feed production and account management.”

The team has some high-profile customers as they work with the British equestrian team – and Clare says: “It has been exciting to work with ‘podium potential’ teams in disciplines such as para dressage. They’ve helped new international riders work out the best diet for their horses. It’s a great feeling to see them go on to compete at the highest level. I was glued to watching the Olympics this year!”

If you feel inspired to join a winning team, why not see if we have a vacancy for you by clicking here.