Fortnight focusing on sustainable food systems

It’s been an important week for the food industry with the UN Food Summit landing today and British Food Fortnight kicking off on 18th September.

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Completely virtual this year, the UN Food Summit is empowering people to drive our recovery from the pandemic via the power of food. Committed to achieving all 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 – all of which rely on more sustainable, equitable and healthier food systems – the Summit’s goal is to raise global awareness and secure global commitments to transform food systems that heal the planet, resolve hunger and reduce diseases related to diet. 

Fully aligned with our objectives to bring positive changes to the world’s food systems, the summit is a key part of our annual calendar, bringing together leaders and experts from around the world to discuss how we can all take action to transform the way food is produced and consumed globally. 

Although we are an international business, we welcome events such as British Food Fortnight which shines a spotlight on how British food is produced to the highest animal welfare and environmental standards. With a real passion for food, the small, independently funded organisation is dedicated to giving farmers and food producers the confidence to invest and build their businesses. Advocating a strong ‘Buy British Food’ message, they work alongside those responsible for sourcing food in public sector organisations, such as schools and hospitals, to encourage them to make British food their preferred supplier. 

As they say on their website: “British food that is sustainable, produced to high animal welfare standards, environment enhancing, regionally distinct, has a rich heritage; is diverse, seasonal and delicious.” Values that 100% tie in with ours. 

To read more on the UN Food Summit head to and to learn more about Love British Food and its goal to secure a robust market for British food, go to: