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We are currently sponsoring 32 PhD students around the world, many of which are working on breakthrough research that could help change the direction of the animal feed industry.

Kerensa Hawkey at the University of Nottingham is one of these students and, sponsored by AB Agri and AB Vista, is focused on using mealworms as an alternative monogastric livestock feed. Brought up on a farm in Cornwall, Kerensa would ideally love a role in the industry where she can use her academic ability to make a change.

Speaking about her AB Agri sponsorship, which gives her access to experts such as Mike Bedford, AB Vista’s Research Director, she says: “The support has been particularly valuable when I have been presenting my work at conferences.” And we’re pleased to report that her project won the 2021 British Society of Animal Science Industry  Award.

“Sponsoring PhD students means that we can run multiple linked trials in a number of areas,” added Mike Bedford. “It gives us someone who is 100% focused on a project, and we’ve been able to seek out the world’s best academic experts for our students to work alongside.”

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