AB Agri partners with GMP+ Academy on new Feed Safety Culture modules

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AB Agri has partnered with GMP+ Academy’s Collective Knowledge Programme (CKP) to develop a series of e-learning modules on feed safety culture.

The course, developed in conjunction with De Heus, Trouw Nutrition and Veravis, features seven short modules which include exercises, case studies and real-life examples to raise awareness of the importance of feed safety and the active contribution participants can make to building positive feed safety cultures within an organisation.

Commenting on AB Agri’s involvement, Angela Booth, Responsibility Director, said: “Feed safety must be a top priority for anyone working in the animal feed industry and a positive feed safety culture is essential. That’s why we’re delighted to be a partner in this great initiative with GMP+ Academy to share our vast knowledge and experience of feed safety and raise awareness of its importance.

“Collaborating with other key players in the sector means participants can learn best practice from companies that deal with food safety on a daily basis with long-established feed safety cultures in place.”

Each module takes no longer than ten minutes to complete and has been designed with flexibility in mind, with participants able to complete them anywhere and at any time.

Over the course of the series, participants will learn about the impact of feed safety and common hazards, what feed safety looks like in organisations, including who manages feed safety culture and how, as well as how to prevent and recognise fraud. It concludes with each participant being asked to set a personal goal and action that will help contribute to good feed safety.

The modules are available in English, Dutch, Polish, Spanish and German.

The GMP+ Academy is open to all professionals in the animal feed supply chain and offers educational content for GMP+ certified companies, non-certified companies, auditors, teams, individual employees, trainers, training institutes and consultants.

To access the Feed Safety Culture modules, create your free account on the GMP+ Academy platform.