AB Agri partners with Aceae Nutra providing innovative tomato-based solutions

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  • AB Agri partners with Aceae Nutra providing innovative tomato-based solutions

AB Agri has partnered with agri-tech company Aceae Nutra on the development of an innovative new product made from tomatoes that could offer a new natural way to reduce traditional treatments in animals. 

AB Agri and Aceae Nutra are now working together to assess its application in livestock animals. AB Agri is currently growing the tomatoes for use in trials which will determine the product’s effectiveness in animals as a feed material.  

Aceae Nutra is an IP focused SME founded in 2018 specialising in research, innovation and product development of plant-based solutions. The company’s approach incorporates plant sciences and agronomic expertise to generate viable solutions for conditions affecting human and animal health.    

Natasha Whenham, Head of Innovation, AB Agri, said: “We’re committed to nurturing new technologies that have the potential to make a real impact in the production of responsible, affordable food – and turning those ideas into industry-relevant solutions. 

“The industry is looking for ways to responsibly reduce the use of traditional treatments that bring either environmental or resistance concerns and this product is an exciting new prospect that offers real potential to achieve this goal.” 

Andrew Bottley, Director, Aceae Nutra, said: “The data we have generated from initial lab-based trials is really promising and we are delighted to be working with AB Agri to take the product to the next stage and assess its effect on animal health.”