Specialist Feed Ingredients & Mixtures

A major investor in the research and development of speciality feeds, mixtures and nutrition.

Livestock and pet food manufacturers and their customers are under increasing market pressures. Consumer preference, competition for raw materials and environmental pressures are making these markets harder to navigate.

AB Agri is a major investor in the research and development of speciality feed ingredients and mixtures, providing highly specialised advice around procurement and formulation for livestock and pet foods as well as global manufacturing expertise.

Businesses operating in this region...

  • EMEA

  • South America

  • China

  • South East Asia

  • North America

  • Central & Southern Asia

Business brands in the region


Adopting advanced production techniques and well-developed quality management systems to provide premix, compound and concentrated feed products to farmers in different regions across China.

Operates in: Operating throughout the region

Yinglian pumeixin

Pumeixin provides feed additives, premix and functional raw materials, and brings the expertise of its sister company Premier Nutrition, a European leader in specialty nutrition, to China.

Operates in: Operating throughout the region

New Ventures

The main purpose of our ‘New Ventures’ arm is to accelerate growth by providing dedicated resource and focus whilst providing access to AB Agri’s global assets and expertise.  

Operates in: Operating throughout the region

AB Neo

Our AB Neo business specialises in groundbreaking neonatal and maternal nutrition in ruminants and swine. It is founded on the belief that neonates hold the key to lifetime performance.

Operates in: Operating throughout the region

Speciality Nutrition

Speciality Nutrition supplies value added nutrition solutions to integrators, livestock farmers, pet owners and their feed suppliers.

Operates in: Operating throughout the region

Premier Nutrition

Premier Nutrition provides independent nutritional advice on feed formulation and micronutrients as well as supplying bespoke vitamin, mineral and premix for all livestock and pet sectors.

Operates in: Operating throughout the region


A leading Danish developer and producer of animal nutrition products, premix, milk replacers and alternative proteins.

Operates in: Operates throughout the region

Primary Diets

Primary Diets is AB Agri's specialist piglet pre-starter feeds, starter feeds and concentrates business supplying feeds across Europe.  The business comprises of leading commercial nutritionists focused solely on innovation in piglet nutrition. As well as a comprehensive research programme the business has a dedicated manufacturing facility in Melmerby, North Yorkshire. 

Operates in: Primary Diets works with a network of first-class distributors to ensure products are available throughout Europe.

Roses Nutrition

Roses Nutrition was established in 1996 to provide independent nutrition consultancy to the livestock industry.

Operates in: Operating throughout the UK

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