Co-product Innovation & Marketing

Adding value by reducing unnecessary costs and creating highly marketable feeds.

Having pioneered the market for co-products since 1984 with Trident Sugar Beet Feed, the business now has over 30 years experience in the application of animal nutrition to develop advanced, highly nutritious ‘Alternative Feeds’ for livestock.

Through its investment in co-product development, the business adds value to manufacturers by reducing unnecessary processing costs and creating highly marketable feeds. Brands such as Supaflow, Butterfat Extra, Traffordgold, and Vitagold are all now staple feeds in the UK marketplace and our sourcing specialists continue to develop new alternative feed solutions from industry co-products at home and abroad, working closely with manufacturers to uncover new ways of adding value.

Businesses operating in this region...

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Business brands in the region

AB Connect

AB Connect's role is to help farmers, producers and businesses all along the UK food and farming supply chain by offering nutrition and feed manufacture expertise through a range of businesses.

Operates in: Operating throughout the UK


KW lead the development of alternative feeding in the UK, making it the natural choice on high performance livestock farms.

Operates in: Operating throughout the UK


Adopting advanced production techniques and well-developed quality management systems to provide premix, compound and concentrated feed products to farmers in different regions across China.

Operates in: Operating throughout the region

AB Agri China

Operating in China since 1996, with around 1000 employees our AB Agri China business has operations across the North East, Central and Eastern regions of China providing a range of animal nutrition services to the market.

Operates in: Operating throughout the region


Trident are the leading supplier of co-products in Great Britain, marketing over 1.2 million tonnes of high profile animal feed products.

Operates in: Operating across the UK


AB Agri has over 30 years’ experience in managing non-core product streams and turning 'waste' into in-demand, differentiated products. Our continued investment in co-product development has led us to create Amur- a specialist route to market into anaerobic digestion.

Operates in: Operating across the UK

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