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Our AB Sustain business is a specialist supply chain management company.  They enable retailers, brand owners and manufacturers to navigate through complex issues in their supply chain and deliver positive impacts to their stakeholders.

They achieve this by leveraging their core strength in gathering and analysing agricultural data, through forming expert partnerships to drive best practice, and by using technologies to minimise the burden on suppliers.

AB Sustain has been creating economic, environmental and social value by implementing farm and supply chain programmes for more than 20 years in 60 countries worldwide.

For our farmer customers, SOYL provides independent advice, services and support to growers who wish to use precision crop production techniques to improve the economic, agronomic and environmental performance of their farm business.

For the food and feed industry, our Aunir business is a leading developer and supplier of near infrared reflectance (NIR) spectroscopy solutions.

This unique analysis technology is used throughout the food and feed industry. INGOT NIR technology allows feed and food manufacturers to make important decisions about material quality prior to intake, during production and at dispatch. It provides rapid nutritional analysis and offers significant saving when compared to traditional laboratory chemistry techniques.

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