Our Expertise

Nutrition and technology driving responsible food production.

We occupy a unique position across the agri-food supply chain. Our focus is to add value and drive profit for our partners all along that chain by improving the sustainability of food production. We do this by investing in new sciences, driving the use of technology and using data to deliver insight and drive real time improvements. We’re a top three player in almost all the markets in which we operate, and we're fast expanding our global footprint to become a major international agri-business.

Commodity Risk Management

Navigating complex global markets to minimise risk for customers.

Commodity markets are globally connected, unstable and challenging. Volatility and market complexity is the 'new normal'.

Raw materials need to be consistently purchased and hedged in line with commercial economics, supply assured in the face of peaks and troughs in demand, and where possible, businesses need the flexibility to take advantage of price dips, whilst locking out price spikes.

As both a consumer and supplier of commodities, navigating this landscape is a fundamental element of our core competence.

The raw material procurement teams across AB Agri work closely with customers to provide in depth commodity market insight and develop raw material purchase plans, tailored to the their cost parameters and appetite for risk.

Compound Feed Manufacturing

A major global manufacturer and supplier of pig and poultry feeds.

Compound feed plays a crucial role in ensuring food safety along the entire agri-food supply chain. The production and sourcing of raw materials for quality-assured compound feed has become a major consumer concern. With feed manufacturing operations in the UK and China with our ABN and AB Agri China businesses, we have a wealth of experience in designing, building and running feed manufacturing operations to the highest standard.

In 1996, in the wake of the BSE crisis we led the industry in designing the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme, which is now used by 100% of UK feed manufacturers and has been exported throughout the world from Chilean fish producers to yeast manufacturers in China.

As a major global manufacturer and supplier of pig and poultry feeds, we have 20 production sites in the UK and China. We work closely with major processors and producers to benchmark productivity and performance and develop tailored feeds and new feeding regimes to improve performance for every customer.

Agricultural Data & Insight

Feeding the world's growing population by getting 'more from less'.

To feed the world's rapidly-expanding population in the coming decades we understand that our industry must produce 'more from less'.

Advances in science and technology mean that we can now adopt precision farming techniques to collect ever more data and insight. These tools allow us to drive real time improvements in efficiency for producers, retailers and brand owners.

Whether it be gathering and analysing agricultural data to drive best practice, providing independent advice to growers looking to use precision crop production techniques or deploying new technologies to provide rapid nutritional analysis AB Agri has a wealth of experience and unique expertise that can help customers navigate this complicated new frontier.

Animal Nutrition Technology

Focus on scientific integrity and open, collaborative relationships with customers and research partners to develop pioneering products and services.

Through our animal nutrition technology business AB Vista we offer pioneering feed nutrition technology and technical services to the global animal feed industry. Since its establishment in 2004, AB Vista has grown to be a top-three player in fall its markets.

Co-product Innovation & Marketing

Adding value by reducing unnecessary costs and creating highly marketable feeds.

Having pioneered the market for co-products since 1984 with Trident Sugar Beet Feed, the business now has over 30 years experience in the application of animal nutrition to develop advanced, highly nutritious ‘Alternative Feeds’ for livestock.

Through its investment in co-product development, the business adds value to manufacturers by reducing unnecessary processing costs and creating highly marketable feeds. Brands such as Supaflow, Butterfat Extra, Traffordgold, and Vitagold are all now staple feeds in the UK marketplace and our sourcing specialists continue to develop new alternative feed solutions from industry co-products at home and abroad, working closely with manufacturers to uncover new ways of adding value.

Specialist Feed Ingredients & Mixtures

A major investor in the research and development of speciality feeds, mixtures and nutrition.

Livestock and pet food manufacturers and their customers are under increasing market pressures. Consumer preference, competition for raw materials and environmental pressures are making these markets harder to navigate.

AB Agri is a major investor in the research and development of specialty feed ingredients and mixtures, providing highly specialised advice around procurement and formulation for livestock and pet foods as well as global manufacturing expertise.