Primary Diets was established in 1996  by a number of the industry’s leading piglet specialists including Paul Toplis.  They developed a company that was committed to delivering high quality, high performance diets that made a real difference on farm.  That commitment has continued since the business was purchased by AB Agri in 2006, and the company thrives today at the forefront of piglet feeding.

The Primary Diets philosophy is focused on one thing – feeding piglets profitably.  To achieve that the team are totally focussed on;

1. An ongoing & comprehensive research programme to really push the boundaries of piglet nutrition and continually monitor our progress.
2. To manufacture quality products using quality ingredients that are proven to maximise intakes and cost effective growth performance.
3. To maintain  our improved ‘fixed formulation’ policy;
4. To ensure our flexible feeding programmes continue to meet individual farm needs, complement the genetic potential and health status of the pig and get piglets off to the best start possible.