New Ventures

Agilia is a business committed to tackling two key global food industry challenges.

THE PROTEIN CHALLENGE: How to sustainably produce enough protein (meat & fish) to meet the demands of our growing global population.

THE HEALTH CHALLENGE: How to protect our people and our livestock from the threat of antimicrobial resistance, and find a way to feed animals without excessive use of antibiotics.

Agilia is responding to these challenges in two ways: by developing alternative proteins and prebiotics.

In developing alternative proteins we aim to: extract more functional value from existing materials; find new applications for co-products; and produce new proteins such as algae and insect protein.

Our work on prebiotics centres on the important role yeasts playin maintaining animal health.  We are focussed on unlocking the functional properties of yeasts to better support animals and aquatic species in situations of stress.


North America, South America