AB Agri China

ABNA is a wholly owned foreign enterprise involved in R&D, production and sales of animal feed in the China region.

ABNA has 7 feed manufacturing companies in Shanghai, Henan, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jilin and Tianjin and in 2013 ABNA established its management center in Shenyang , as well as established nutrition and formulation teams based in the Shanghai head office. The business has developed its products based on the 130 years of experience studying animal nutrition in the U.K and the specific requirements of differing animal species and breeds in China. ABNA mills adopt advanced production equipment and well-developed quality management systems in feed production for different growing stages of pig, poultry and ruminant animals.

ABNA currently sells products under three major brands “Yinglian”, “YinglianAinong” and “YinglianAiboen” covering various growing stages of layer chicken, broiler chicken, broiler goose, piglet, fattening pig, sow, dairy cattle, beef cattle and mutton sheep. They provide premix, compound and concentrated feed products to farmers in different regions adapting to the farming requirements of their region.